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A Health & Fitness Expert for YOU!

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I am a Health coach and Women's fitness specialist who helps women transform their physiques without neglecting their health! 


Health Coaching

Strong & Lean 

I work with women who want to feel energised and focused again. I help you balance your blood sugar, find healthy and enjoyable movement and through this find a new healthy weight. I am here for a healthier, leaner you and I know you are capable of great transformation.

I offer 4, 8 and 12 week 1to1 online packages which cater to whether you just need a kickstart or a fully hands on coaches support to get you to the ultimate wellness vision you have for yourself.

This program is for the fitness enthusiast who hasn't quite figured out her best training or calorie intake.


Have you over trained? Have you been on diets for a long time? Maybe it is time to build lean muscle mass and show off that new found strength! That is what I do at Strong & Lean! All while taking care of your health.

Month to Month program with some group coaching involved too. 

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