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Are you burnt out?

It is amazing how many of us go through the day to day not realising how we truly feel inside. Whether it be sad, joyful, stressed, emotionally tired or burnt out. Being in touch with our emotions is going to take your health to the next level.

So what is burn out? On a day to day basis so many of us experience stress. We know what it means to push the limits, make meetings and attain deadlines. The problems arise when we, mentally and physically, turn this into a chronic state.

We need to learn how to manage stress, how to clear the emotions and manage them (and by that I mean recognise and deal with as necessary including crying it out!). I say all this because it can come to a point where you become so stressed out that it turns into a burnt out situation in which you lack the zest for life you are so used to.

Burn out is a state in which your passions seem to feel numb to you rather than excite you like they used to. You cannot see any excitement in the day to day or muster any forward looking joy for an upcoming event.

I wouldn't be writing all this only to stress you out of course, there is a solution! There always is! Here are a few steps you may find you can take:

1- Have daily coping mechanims. Whether that is journaling, meditating, breathwork or whatever it is to tap into and learn to face emotions, pains and grow through them rather than allow them to take over your life and health.

2- Eat right! Eating all the best nutrients as well as ensuring they are varied will help your body cope with daily stress.

3- Seek support from close family and friends.

4- Find ways to balance, such as using adaptogenic herbs like maca and ashwaghanda.

These are just a few of the options! Reach out if you want to learn more or get support xxx

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