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How nutritionists fuel for the morning

Updated: May 15, 2020

What do you think is a healthy breakfast? And is it actually?

Most people want to sleep in as long as possible, taking only minutes to get themselves ready for work or have a few minutes after getting the kids packed up and in the car for school. Although intermittent fasting has gained some exposure and popularity at the moment, do you know how important it can be for most of us to actually have breakfast?

Keeping your blood sugar in check will not only help with weight management, but it will help with cravings, energy and focus!

It doesn't have to take a long time to prepare either. You may think you don't have time, but the few minutes it takes to prepare a healthy breakfast will set you up for a healthy life.


I don't want to force anyone into filling up in the morning when they don't want to, but here are a few benefits in case this is something you are considering:

*Breakfast is literally breaking the fast from the night before. When you get out of bed your blood sugar will therefore be low and there are schools of thought that believe this slows down the metabolism unless you eat something.

*It is possible that you will over eat when you do finally have a meal as your hunger levels could be raging with hours of fasting.

*It can certainly help you balance out your calories for the day, also keeping your intake of healthy nutrients higher (provided you chose healthy nutrient dense foods of course)

*Low blood sugar levels means less brain power and ability to focus.

*Higher glucose levels can be a result of skipping breakfast which can lead to more fat retention and more inflammation.


Keep it balanced, with fats, protein and carbohydrates. Also keep the high GI sugary foods at bay! As well as the deep fried foods. Look out for a recipe coming soon too but here are some fan favourites:

+ Chia seed pudding GI

+ Scrambled or Poached eggs on Low GI

+ High protein smoothie blend

+ Smashed avocado and hummus on Rye

+ Protein pancakes

+ Oats (preferably with protein and fat sources)

I would love to hear about your favourite breakfast options!

Light and love


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