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How much more can you take?

I have been there, years of struggling with an autoimmune disease and months in a flare not knowing if there will ever be a way out.

Your doctors tell you that there isn't more they can do, you feel so small and unheard it hurts.

You have friends encouraging you to take on this new diet for gut health, to join a spin class as it builds muscle and helps you sweat out toxins yet all you can think is how betrayed by your body you feel.

Your loved ones double check you have taken your meds and your partner isn't sure where to help you anymore.

I know the frustration. I know the hurt. I know the betrayal and I know the grief and I know the anxiety that comes with it all.

You are not alone. You can do so much more for yourself than you think. You can have great support through it. You can be empowered. You can accept this new state of health and you can THRIVE through it all.

Humans are resilient beings, we are given only as much challenges as we can handle and I KNOW you can handle it and come out stronger and more inspiring than ever before. Let your voice be heard, let your soul find its peace and let your health THRIVE.


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