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How to cope with it all

I get asked many questions around coping with autoimmune, keeping up health and fitness as well as keeping up with various jobs.

There is so much in life that can make the day to day feel overwhelming, however overwhelm and chronic stress are up to us! We can control how we cope and I am not saying this to make you feel guilty if you have struggled.

How we start our day, keep upbeat during our day and ultimately how we talk to ourselves throughout our daily experiences makes all the difference.

Here are some tips:

1- Start your day with a great mindset, choose to journal, meditate or do breathwork for centering before the day takes over.

2- Have to do lists, in priority order as that will help keep you on track.

3- Keep a mind focused on gratitude! No you don't have to fake positivity all day like so many do, what you need to do instead is focus on what it is you feel absolutely grateful for each and every day. Toxic positivity doesn't work, gratitude does.

I hope this helps in some way! I would love to hear your thoughts below



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