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Don't eat your vegetables...

Now wouldn’t that be something?

I don’t believe there is anyone out there who believes fruit and vegetables aren’t good for us. The general population, even those who consume junk foods or high processed food diets know in the back of their minds that the better choice would be wholesome natural foods. It seems however, for most, that this simple decision is a lot more daunting and difficult than it should be. We tend to believe ourselves when we promise next time, with the next meal, or on the next Monday that we will correct our behaviours as we know it will benefit us somehow, we are just too busy, tired or need a quick fix for the blood sugar crash.

How many of you read the headline and felt relieved? Like somehow this article came to you right at the time when you felt the decision to make any lifestyle changes now would be too overwhelming, long winded and impossible. How many of you made a sigh of relief that that guilt no longer needs a place in your subconscious? That maybe all those sugar, fried food and fizzy drink cravings could actually be the way forward? Finally, no more trying to start on a Monday ever again.


Unfortunately, not, this was click bait. Click bait because you don’t need another person telling you to eat your vegetables, eat your fruits and to clean up your lifestyle. I won’t be doing that today no, so please hold on to what’s coming if you were one of those people. I want to show you that there is a bigger reason you don’t want to eat those foods, why you hang on to the lifestyle you have built for yourself and why a change can actually be so much easier than what your favourite popstar has shown it to be. Don’t believe me? Let us look at what has influenced us over the years, our human behaviour can be quite predictable which is why most junk food companies have done so well! Walk or drive past a fast-food store and notice how the smell lingers long past the door, triggering cravings. Notice how TV adverts, magazines and billboards always make it look like those people consuming processed foods are having so much fun. Now if only it were fruit and vegetables they were advertising. This is certainly something that is holding you back from the truth you know deep inside, but it isn’t the only factor. How about the fact that you grew up with minimal money and so when money was around fast food was the treat of choice? Or maybe you are a busy single mom who doesn’t have the time to prep food from scratch. Maybe you are a student whose colleagues just love weekend binges. Or, maybe your parents told you you were big boned and you believed it.

These are called barriers to change. Notice how most came from within you, not by your own fault at all but they have made it a lot more difficult to resist those extrinsic factors pulling you away from the lifestyle you deserve. When you are facing these barriers, while you are trying to start your next “Monday clean eating” the motivation only lasts so long. As soon as one of these challenges is faced or rears its voice we sit back, give up, promise ourselves never to try again and shove our memory of how healthy fruit and vegetables are to a deep and dark place in our minds.

If I asked you now, what could you do to change all of this what would be your answer? I’m asking this knowing there is no reply coming from the other side, but I would genuinely love to know, because the truth is I have the answer.

In comes the health coach...

The truth is you need quite a few things, you need an accountability partner. You need to find out why you want to change. You need to find that commitment or sticking point, that place where it never needs to be another Monday again because you have figured it all out. You need someone in your corner, helping you navigate change. In comes the health coach. A health coach can support you, on a completely individual basis and without barking orders to you like what a ‘how to lose 5kg in a week’ article would do. We are here to give you personalized care in achieving your health and wellness goals, to help guide you as you navigate lifestyle modifications that have always seemed daunting before. We know you know vegetables are healthy, that you need to quit your bad habits tomorrow and we aren’t here to tell you that. We are here because there are so many more factors pulling you away from this life you so desire. The energy, the ideal weight, the ability to cope with life stresses and demands. Let’s collaborate and not preach, let’s help guide and manage more than anything to help you see how to take your inner knowing and even find your balance to where this can be maintained forever!

It isn’t too good to be true, it is simply helping you tap into your strengths, your abilities and where you currently are to find out where healthy is for you. Don’t let these barriers and challenges stand in your way anymore, let your loudest message be “yes fruit and vegetables are healthy AND I truly know it”

Sign up with me as your health coach this APRIL!

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