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What is my coaching, and who am I?

For those who don't know me, my name is Isilda Da Costa and I have had a variety of autoimmune disease since the age of 6.

It wasn't until I was 15 that I was actually diagnosed and those years of waiting for an answer were agony, not just for me but for my family as well.

I really believe it was a blessing for me to be diagnosed so young. Yes it may have taken so much of my childhood BUT I don't think I could have grown so quickly into acceptance had I been older. I had the time to adjust my eating, my exercise and started to truly believe, maybe the innocence of a young teenager, that there was more to this than pain and discomfort. I had the anger and the grief, believe me that was definitely a part of it, along with the anxiety and depression, but instinctively I knew there was more for me.

I researched, studied, researched some more and after University decided to take on a full time part in helping others. I opened my health shop in 2014 and loved assisting others through my health coaching studies. I then moved onto helping through movement and studied personal training amongst other exercise specialist programs.

More recently, I have taken on blogging, social media sharing and evolved my coaching into every aspect I have found to be the absolute life changer for me and clients- MINDSET WORK!

Do I still think our nutrition and exercise plays a role? Absolutely! But so does what we believe and think, how we talk to ourselves and more importantly the traumas we have gone through and how we see our healing journey evolving. The more work I have done into my holistic mindset, what memories and limiting beliefs I am holding onto the more I propelled my healing forward. The more I learn about myself and have learnt the more acceptance and happiness I have found. So every aspect of my group coaching going forward will be based on this, my holistic view of illness and dis-ease.

I am here for you ambitious woman! I am here to help you, along with some fellow experts I have lined up to empower you on your holistic healing and shift those mindsets to THRIVE!

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Yours in health and wellness,



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