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Your 4 week Mindful Body challenge..

I get it, lockdown messed with our mojo. Even if you didn't have your healthy lifestyle up to scratch before the lockdown, you certainly would have had some struggles starting now. Our routines seem to be out of whack and motivation is little to none. I may not be resonating with you on this one, and if not then well done! You have managed to keep afloat in a trying time in the world. If this does resonate with you then know that you are not alone!

Being that this pandemic is not just going to disappear so quickly, and life is only going to slowly return to a new normal, we thought that as coaches who love this lifestyle (yes we do have our struggles) we wanted to share all our experience, expertise and support with you right now.

What better way than to create a community of like minded ambitious women who have needed a little extra boost and support during this new and unprecedented time. This community will not only provide you with the accountability, support and motivation you need to launch your health and fitness journey, but all the added tools that you just don't have the time and energy to think about right now:

4 Weeks of meals

4 weeks of scheduled workouts (live and pre recorded)

Mindset work including journal prompts and so much more

Weekly calls to check in and cover a topic we believe is going to transform your journey

A WhatsApp group for your accountability

Optional supplement to support your progress

Oh and not to forget PRIZES!

We are pushing for progress in ways beyond body transformation so no pressure, but a time to celebrate healthy mindful living!

Now tell me, are you in?



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