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About Isilda (Izzy) 



Body Recomposition

Women's fitness

Health coaching (Holistic)

Autoimmune wellness

Healthy cooking / meal planning

My Story


I'm an autoimmune warrior who started learning all about the wellness industry at the age of 15 when I was diagnosed. My heart told me living a healthy lifestyle was the only way. I turned this interest and passion into my life purpose and started with a raw nutrition and body mind nutrition certification. The rest is history quite frankly:) 

I opened my own health shop in 2014, after finishing my honors in Internal Auditing. I spent most of my varsity years ill and still learning about all the aspects to natural healing. I started studying fitness when my shop opened as well as holistic health coaching. I have a true passion for sharing all the health and healing possibilities with others, and my niche client seems to be the ambitious woman:) 


I then opened my own fully fledged Fitness studio in 2020 (after operating out of a garden) and took this studio online and started my holistic coaching practice online as well! It will never end for me, too many exciting healing options for my lovely clients. 

I am here for you! For one aspect or another, I believe all areas need to be in balance for one to experience full health. 

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