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Affirmations- yes or no?

I have loved working with affirmations in all my years of my healing journey.

At first it felt really odd to be saying wonderful things about myself and my health and I really felt like an imposter. Anyone else feel this experience? It just doesn't flow easily, it feels a bit painful and takes serious dedication to stick to.

I found it particularly difficult when some affirmation experts recommended doing your affirmation's in front of a mirror. It did help me confront my demos a lot faster, but again it still wasn't a fun day out in the park!

One thing I know for sure, and my years of coaching has cemented, affirmations are great for creating new neural pathways (i.e. beliefs) however if you still have some deep set pains and shadow work to do then simply using affirmations daily isn't going to be enough. The affirmations will help you realize where the pain is, for example repeating I am worthy and you cringe every time will hint that there is some healing to do in that. The next step will then need to be into where did this unworthy shadow arrive from? What event or circumstance brought it up? Once you can pinpoint that the real work can start and you can do all the necessary work into releasing it.

I am in no way saying that affirmations don't work, but I am saying that you will need to take it one step further if some affirmations are too painful to face. Then, once you feel strong enough, keep using those affirmations as often as you brush your teeth!

Have a happy day lovely people

Yours in health and wellness,



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